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The real function of power and the order it creates is the liberation of men and women to think and be and make the most of themselves. .



Fiduciary Services

N & N International Incorporated


The reality in today’s world is that Finances mean to provide funds for Individuals and Businesses or it is a branch of the economic scenes which treat the study of the money and other assets. In a management of company, finances are the most important characteristic; businesses and finances are correlated. One can achieve his/her goal by the use of the adapted instruments. Financial planning is essential to ensure a future of better, brighter and stable tomorrows.


Natural Remedy

Dewmist Natures Natural

"Fascinating Natural Pharmaceutical Products that possess tremendous potential due to the nature of health problems that these products can address"

Within the coming months, there would be a complete line of all of these products and we are continuing to work on addressing other health problems, whereby, our natural formulas would continue to address the causes and not just the symptoms, for long lasting benefits that would allow you to be free to enjoy your life “naturally,” rather than becoming slaves to the Chemical Compounds that passes off for medicine.

Foundation Site

The Sheriff G. Ali Incorporated

A Self-Funded Non-Profit Organization doing business as
"The Sheriff G. Ali Foundation"

My goal is helping children from every race, every class, irrespective of where they were born or their circumstances, and help as many as I can to obtain a proper education, for that will be their Pasport that would take them through their sojourners' life!