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The real function of power and the order it creates is the liberation of men and women to think and be and make the most of themselves. .




G-UAE-G Koopvaardij Bank


G-UAE-G KOOPVAARDIJ BANK is an Independent Division of G-UAE-G INC LIMITED. Koopvaardij is Dutch and translates “Merchant.” Please note that G-UAE-G KOOPVAARDIJ BANK is solely a lender to existing and new business that meets with Koopvaardij’s Policies and Credit Approval.



Private Jet Service

Intrepid-Jet Private Services Corp Ltd

The Global Private Jet Market is expanding. The need for new and innovative products is required for the sophisticated Traveler.

We are here to provide a new dimension in the Private Business Jet Market.

Created to provide Unique Products and Services in the changing environment of the Corporate Jet and Leisure Market.

Manufacturers of Food & Beverages

Haljaba Internationale Incorporated

All of our products in our product line dates back to 1977 which was our inception date. We have endeavored to provide Naturally Nutritious products in doing our part, promoting a healthier happy world!

All of Haljaba Products are under the Haljaba label and from the raw ingredients to the finished products; we enforce a strict hygienic code, second to none.


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